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Software Defined Radio



Ettus Research USRP B200

The Ettus Research (a National Instruments company) USRP B200 is the gold standard for a bus-powered SDR unit with full-duplex capabilities. This unit has coverage from 60 MHz - 6 GHz at 56 MHz bandwith.


  • USRP B2x0 Case

Nuand bladeRF x40

A new addition to my collection is the Nuand bladeRF x40. With a range from 300 MHz - 3.8 GHz and “only” 28 MHz of bandwidth, it does fall behind the USRP B200 but still covers nearly all my needs.

With the addition of the XB-200 LF/MF/HF/VHF transverter, you can cover all the way down to 60 kHz. May need to grab one of those for testing.


Magnets? RF? Science!

Are these usable for LF? Seems efficiency goes down the lower you go in frequency.