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Sonos Hacking


Hidden Sonos Configurations

Controlling WiFi

Disabling WiFi on Sonos units that are hardwired can help free up congestion in the WiFi RF spectrum. In order to execute these, replace sonos with the IP or hostname of the Sonos unit.

Operation URL
Turn off WiFi (will reset on reboot) http://sonos:1400/wifictrl?wifi=off
Turn off WiFi (persistent) http://sonos:1400/wifictrl?wifi=persist-off
Turn on WiFi http://sonos:1400/wifictrl?wifi=on

Other Things to Come

  • Inner workings
  • Getting a terminal (finding a serial console, booting into RedBoot, dumping the flash image, grabbing the private key, gaining telnet access…)
  • Other hidden URLs