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Services designed for you


Make the most of a caring community, which creates links and business.

Comfortable spaces

Libraries, telephone booths, sofas, patios, creative rooms, private spaces providing more confidentiality...

Food / Beverages

Everything you need for that well derserved pause of for celebrating.

Business and festive events

Make the most of the exchanges and learn something new, and have fun!

Residents 100% satisfied

The experience only has positive notes: there is no competition, no rumours, no hierarchy. It's rather like a free company, we're like a company only we aren't one.
Philippe, e-Strategic

I was extemely motivated about this project: a mix between start-up, independant workers and companies with employees. All of this with a friendly and cooperative atmosphere!
Isabelle, MagicMonday

The geographical sitution is part of the attraction. Clos to the Paris ring road, the RER C too. There are plenty of thigs to be doing around and about, a climbing hall, fitness centres, etc. It really is a great place to be
Thierry, Snapfish

Arriving at Wojo brought freshness and changed a number of things, with colourful and stylish furniture, things felt good here and I would like to stay even longer.
Jérémy, Urbanartt


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