Flexibility, turnkey services, networking with other members of the Wojo community… Boris Rubagotti, founder of PixMove, a content creation video agency, explains why he chose to set up his computers at Wojo.

Wojo, turnkey offices where all you have to do is work

When Boris Rubagotti first arrived at Wojo, he was seduced by the quality of the space and the conviviality that reigns there. This former journalist was looking for a turnkey office where he could simply put his computers: his wish was granted by Wojo’s private office offer!

Everything else is managed from A to Z by the Wojo teams, which represents a precious time saving for independent entrepreneurs who already have a thousand hats to manage simultaneously. Coffee, printers, WiFi network, furniture, meeting rooms… Members benefit from a set of quality services, for a total cost that remains lower than that of traditional offices when you take into account all the additional charges to the rent.

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A close-knit community

But what Boris also appreciates is the spirit of the Wojo community. The Business Partners, who are in daily contact with the members, don’t just make their lives easier. They relay their publications on social networks, organise events that encourage meetings, and put them in touch with other companies if they identify possible synergies.

Au fait, chez Wojo on ne fait pas qu’écrire !