Welcome to your workspace !

For you or your teams, unannounced or every day, on the move or
away from home, for an appointment followed by a business
lunch… Because there are a thousand and one ways of working,
Wojo has come up with several coworking space solutions.


About our
Animated Coworking

Discover the Wojo Spots, more than 300 workspaces set up in hotels, train stations or concept stores all over France. These places are designed to welcome you no matter how much time you have: between appointments, while waiting for a train, for a few hours or every day. Thanks to the application, geolocate yourself and find the space closest to you without wasting time.

Coworking animé

About our Quiet Coworking

The Wojo Corners, located in Wojo sites and hotels, have been designed to create optimal conditions for concentration and well-being, but also to preserve your privacy. Specially designed by Wojo, they are also well equipped with phone boxes, printers, etc. to make them suitable for regular use.

On a one-off or recurring basis.
Depending on your needs, Wojo offers you different ways to access our quiet coworking facilities: by the hour, by the day, by the month, it’s up to you.

120 € excl. VAT / month* on subscription
20 € € HT / day* à la carte.

*Our prices may vary from one site to another.

Coworking calme
Coworking calme

Wojo Coworking : services included

Coworking animé Coworking calme
  Animated Coworking
Wojo Spot
Quiet Coworking
Wojo Corner
A dedicated app (geolocation, reservation…)
A warm welcome
Ergonomic, design and work-friendly furniture
A secure wifi connection
On-site meeting rooms available for rent Depending on space
Bar and restaurant on site 1 drink required
Access to the community & Wojo business animations
Wellness services on site: spa, swimming pool, etc According to space (fees required) According to space (included)
Unlimited access to the entire Wojo Spot network
Unlimited access to the entire Wojo Corner network
A printer and printing credits
Phones box

Personal and secure lockers


9,90 €incl. VAT/month

Discover our offer

120 €excl. VAT/month*
on subscription

*Our prices may vary from one site to another.

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