Digitalisation of working relationships, extended teleworking, organisational flexibility… these developments, already present before the health crisis, have taken off in this particular context. As a result, the contours of the Future of Work are becoming clearer, with key trends not to be missed in order to strengthen the attractiveness of one’s employer brand and competitiveness.

1 – Work from anywhere is the new office

Is the traditional office behind us? In any case, the presence of employees in the office five days a week seems to belong to a bygone era. A large majority of French people would like to keep at least one or two days of teleworking per week, without systematically working from home. The third places present everywhere on the territory bring answers to these new needs.

The employees find there an environment conducive to work and social relations which are lacking in the home office. Companies, for their part, can be sure that their employees are in a setting that is suitable for work and that respects the health regulations of the moment.

2 – Go and find talent where it is found

This decentralisation of work brings new flexibility in recruitment, particularly for certain profiles in short supply. Previously, a company located in a small or inaccessible employment area could find it difficult to attract talent.

The possibility of working remotely for a good part of the week thanks to digital tools broadens the playing field for HR managers. They can now target profiles who live remotely, offering them a mix of face-to-face and remote work in coworking spaces close to home. The recruitment of profiles from the other side of the country or even abroad becomes possible. This opens up the company’s prospects considerably, enabling it to strengthen its competitiveness by attracting sought-after talent.

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3 – Decentralising centres of expertise

You can even consider taking your own Future of Work a step further with the new office as a service offerings. Rather than bringing all the skills together in one place, why not consider spreading them out by centres of expertise over the region or even the country? Does this seem complex to organise?

However, it’s not: operators like Wojo can find you private offices anywhere in France, within our network of sites or those of our partners, to combine coworking, meeting rooms and offices according to your teams’ needs. Of course, the level of service remains the same wherever you are. This means you can adjust your organisation to your business areas with great flexibility, while still having modern and inspiring premises.

4 – Putting the social link at the heart of interactions in the company

Distance is a necessity, and maintaining social links is becoming a priority in order to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a group. To keep the distance and maintain links in the Future of Work, you can imagine :

Offer your employees the opportunity to meet

Suggest that they meet by affinity or work groups in workspaces near their homes or in an inspiring neighbourhood. This way, they can avoid the home office and transport to the head office, and meet in small groups where emulation is strong. You also have a positive impact on the carbon footprint of your business by reducing travel.

Creating new rituals

Once a quarter, for example, the company sends a gourmet package to its teams and invites them to a digital aperitif to unite their energies.

Valuing know-how

To give employees visibility, organise lunch and learns (or coffee and learns, it’s up to you). Each month, a team member organises a presentation on a subject that is close to their heart. For 45 minutes, they explain the issues and share their knowledge with others. In this way, he or she highlights his or her commitment and passion for a subject and encourages the sharing of skills.

5 – Future of work : flexibility or nothing! 

Flexibility will be the watchword of the Future of work. Flexibility in terms of hours, by giving employees a margin of freedom in the organisation of their days. Geographical flexibility, by encouraging work from anywhere with decentralised offices or subscription formulas allowing teams to work in a network of coworking spaces close to their homes (or wherever they want to be that day). Flexibility in work spaces, with premises that allow people to work in quiet or busy spaces depending on the tasks of the day, and which have places dedicated to relaxation and conviviality, because working together also means having good times that strengthen bonds. Financial flexibility for companies, by choosing à la carte offices and services, whose costs adapt to their activity in order to increase their resilience when times are hard, and their agility when growth is there.

So how do you feel about the Future of Work? Wojo’s teams and offers are at your side to help you imagine your new work and team organisation, and make the most of the opportunities created by this exceptional period. Let’s talk about it whenever you want!

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